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Itís Cool to Fail

Le 03/05/2021


Technologist Alan Kay says “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” Inventors are often referred to as “creative” people and highly esteemed as a result of this. Inventing however is not an easy task. Much like muscles, creating and inventing is a learning process and can only be developed and strengthened through practice. free essay writer and designers especially need to learn this skill. Unfortunately, the process comes with failure.
Research has shown that when expert entrepreneurs make decisions, they must make lots of mistakes to discover new approaches, opportunities and business models.
So, how do you personally view “failure”?  If you view failure as anything below perfect, you are dis-empowering yourself from exercising your inherent creativity. Unfortunately, our education system is so focused on achieving, that you are not given permission to fail or to order works at write my essay free. Whether in class or in your professional career, mitigating risks and preventing errors as opposed to innovating and inventing is the expectation.
Companies like GE, Amazon, Pixar, Cisco, HP and many others, have understood this insight and are making “small bet” innovations and ultimately taking the path to becoming more adaptive. At HP, for example, the company needed to make 100 small bets (failures) to find 6 breakthroughs.
Yes, don’t be afraid to make small bets. In a world where the leading company, Apple, has a culture built around design methods, it is necessary to allow yourself to fail before discovering a model that works. Yes, it’s cool to fail.

 Now that you are past the theme and main points, you need to organize your research material in order to determine that directly relates to your main points. Well, how do you determine what material to keep and what to discard? Select details that add freshness to your report. When you select case reports for example, note the key ideas or experiences that will help you reason on in order to have a meaningful report. Under the main points, organize these sub-points and if you find some points that do not fit with the main points, discard them even if they may seem interesting or appealing. Keep only the best material or points and avoid the trap of trying to impress rather than inform.
Avoid the trap of trying to cover too much material at once. If you try to have too many sub-points you will end up hurrying in your report and you will likely not give sufficient time to explain and expound on them and your report will appear shallow. It is always better to cover few points and do it well in a way that is of real value instead of covering many points that only contain fuller content. If you will research online, chances are that you will get more information than you will need thus the need to keep this in mind.
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